1. Glass coffee tables.
    Every time you or anyone else walks past them, your stress levels increase a little bit out of fear that you or they will stumble and crash through.
  2. Sticky drawers
    This one is from Getting Things Done. Sticky drawers discourage you from using them. As a result you pile things up elsewhere. Drawers should be a joy to open and close.
  3. Most pocket doors
    Most pocket doors have shitty hardware. Locking them is a pain for a couple years and then it becomes flat out impossible. Then you have a door that doesn't perform a door's basic functions. Also, pocket doors decrease sound insulation because the wall has to be hollow to accommodate the door.
  4. Small cutting boards.
    Putting chopped vegetables back onto a cutting board because they fell off is the worst waste of time. Get a big-ass cutting board.
  5. Toilet bowl lids that don't close softly
    That little bracing we do to prepare for the loud clang of a toilet lid closing has no place in modern life.