This isn't "at random," these are just random photos that have no common grouping/category/sequence. Here we go.
  1. This is the meatball sub I made the other night. One was for dinner and one was for lunch at work the next day. They are wegmans brand meatballs and they are amazing.
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  2. While we are talking about food, I got Taco Bell breakfast for the first time recently and it was the best day of my life. SO DELICIOUS. If you're on a diet and have a cheat day, eat here for breakfast, then give up the diet because it's so good. If you're not on a diet, go to Taco Bell and have breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. Yum.
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  3. This is my boyfrand that got Taco Bell breakfast with me. We love Taco Bell and we love each other. We were also a little drunk, hence the lazy eyes. We got White Castle about an hour after this photo so that rocked.
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  4. I took a day off of work just for fun and explored NYC. This is the beer I got at tavern on the green. It tasted good.
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  5. This was my biggest scoring word ever in words with friends. As a behavior analyst and a great words with friends player, i really loved that word.
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