Google shared new figures today that it does at least 2 trillion searches per month, at a press event I covered for @Sengineland. I've done the math to break that down into a trivia-friendly list :)
  1. Searches per second: 63,000
  2. Searches per minute: 3.8 million
  3. Searches per hour: 228 million
  4. Searches per day: 5.5 billion
  5. Searches per month: 167 billion
  6. Searches per year: 2 trillion
  7. NOTE: Google might do more that these figures, so consider them "at least" numbers. That's because Google won't be more specific other than to say they do 2 trillion or more searches.
  8. Want more? My detailed @Sengineland story is here:
  9. And here's Google cofounder Sergey Brin, because no list is complete without a GIF.