I went in to the new Netflix show with very low expectations because frankly how could it be good and frankly how could I never watched it
  1. It's not the Ben Affleck Movie
    That movie almost ended all comic book movies and Ben Affleck's career
  2. It's better than the overly dark, morose and sometimes boring comic
    I tried time and time again in my youth to get into the comic but It wasn't as cool as X-Men and the Punisher was a better version of Daredevil
  3. Daredevil is played by the guy that almost wrecked Stephen Hawking's cinematic marriage
    I don't know why I find this so funny but I do
  4. Scott Glenn should only play blind samurai ninjas
    The rest of his career has been wasted
  5. It's basically R rated
    I get the economics of making comic book movies PG and PG 13, but this is how the dark comics like X-Men and Wolverine should have been made. I am an adult who likes comic book movies make them for me