Knowledge is power.
  1. What was the first list ever made?
  2. What's the most liked list ever?
  3. What's the most re-listed list ever?
  4. Is there anyone being paid to be on List App?
  5. Will I ever be trending again once List App goes live?
  6. Do brands pay List App to be featured?
  7. Would hashtags take away from the integrity of the List App experience?
  8. Are gif lists in the realm of possibility, or is the technology just not there yet?
  9. Would a DM feature be creepy on List App?
  10. Has anyone ever been kicked off List App?
  11. Do I want a countdown feature for List App or do I simply think about it because I don't have one?
  12. Would it be weird if List App had a twitter account?
  13. Will List App ever be in website form? Meaning, will people be able to find this if they googled my name?
  14. Could the list app work as a source for news and sports?
  15. What role, if any, do think List App will play in the next presidential election?
  16. Is the List App office dog friendly?
  17. Can someone pressure @rachaelray to make more lists?
  18. Is there a way I can get my lists printed and bound in leather?
  19. What dead historical figure would have thrived on List App?
  20. Can we get Jay Z on List App so he can write a "99 Problems" list?
  21. Is @ChrisK a real person or merely an illusion?