The City of Brotherly Love may be a bit outdated.
  1. The City of Perpetual Heartburn and Indigestion
  2. The City of Constant 6AM Home Renovations Across the Street
  3. The City of Dope Ass Murals and Mosaics
  4. The City of Still Using Subway Tokens For Some Reason
  5. The City of Summer Beer Gardens and Winter Despair
  6. The City of People Who Stopped buying New Clothes in 2002
  7. The City of Dumb Ass Cab Drivers Who Don't Take Credit Cards
  8. The City of the City Wide Special
    PBR and a shot. Five dollars. Always.
  9. The City of Sidewalk Lawn Chair Grandmas
  10. The more I type City the less it seems like a word.