Sometimes I work out...sometimes.
  1. Holy shit there's so many people here.
  2. Oh god the locker room smells like someone died in the sauna.
  3. There is an absurd amount of naked men over 75 in this locker room.
  4. Alright gentleman. The hand dryers are for your hands not your scrotums.
  5. I swear these old dudes just come to the gym so they can chill naked together in the locker room.
  6. Ok time to change my socks without my feet touching the floor.
  7. I guess I'll start with some cardio.
  8. Damn it all the treadmills are taken. And the ellipticals. And the bikes. And the stair masters. And the rowing machines.
  9. On second thought I guess I'll hit some weights.
  10. God there are so many hot people in this gym.
  11. And they're all so fashionable. It's like a LuLu Lemon catalog in here.
  12. Should I be wearing spandex too?
  13. Great all the machines are taken.
  14. That guy is doing a leg press in jeans. That should not be allowed.
  15. And that dude is wearing flip flops! What is the world coming to?
  16. Ok I'm going to wait five mins and if I can't get on a machine I'm going to get a burrito.
  17. Daaaamn hottie with a body at twelve o'clock.
  18. Ok it's been three mins. I'm going home.