1. Anyone is in a group text with Bill Murray?
  2. Hillary Clinton pooped during the Benghazi hearings?
  3. There are any alien civilizations that know about us?
  4. Carey Mulligan has an arch nemesis?
  5. You stick your head out the window going 35 miles an hour against 35 mile and hour wind you will feel anything?
  6. The queen of England has a cell phone?
  7. Cats really care about their owners?
  8. ABBA and the A*Teens got along well?
  9. There's a meaningful way to pair peanut butter and mint?
  10. Stephen Hawking sleeps in his chair?
  11. There are colors in the universe that we have yet to discover?
  12. Obama has had sex in the blue room?
  13. Democracy is doomed?
  14. Cotton candy was discovered by accident?