This has been sitting in my drafts since the beta days of yore. Figure it's time to post.
  1. Water world
    Global warming causes the seas to rise and population to lower. We adapt by building cities on stilts and implementing hydroponics, but without land can we really survive?
  2. Devolution
    Inspired by movies like Idiocracy and Mad Max. Society becomes so large and unmanageable, we become half humans. Taking steps backwards in intelligence and humanity.
  3. Space Station Earth
    When our fields turn to dust we head to the stars, but can humanity remain the same on the cold steel of a space station? Life in space won't be luxurious like you see in the movies. It will involve a lot of hardship and manual labor.
  4. Zombie Apocalypse
    We all know this story. How long would you survive?
  5. Hard drive society.
    Society is on it's way out and as a last ditch effort we download our collective consciousness into a massive hard drive. Living out our days like The Sims. Woo Hooing until someone asks you if you want to have a baby. Rosebud.
  6. Alien Invasion
    It's possible there's other life out there. Maybe they can help us, but at what cost?
  7. Hunger Games realness
    Rising population may entail some thinning of the heards. Could the Hunger Games or The Purge be more of a realty then you think?
  8. Robot overlords.
    It's only a matter of time until we start modding ourself with tech. Will these "upgrades" create a master race of robo-humans?
  9. Corporate government
    In a shocking turn of events, corporations like Google, Walmart, and Amazon bail out the failing government. Freedom brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart.
  10. President Donald Trump
    We elect at racist, chauvinist, billionaire reality show star as president, which triggers a cascade of attacks against our nation and subsequently the collapse of democracy itself.