You pay for what you get.
  1. Seafood
    Legal seafood over illegal seafood any day.
  2. Tattoos
    Best to get quality over quantity in this department.
  3. Plastic surgery
    Free nose job when you buy a pair of new boobs! I'll pass.
  4. Prostitutes
    There's usually a good reason prices are marked down.
  5. Cryogenically frozen sperm
    You know they're not giving the good shit away for free.
  6. LASIK
    Your eyes are a terrible thing to lose
    Suggested by @dave
  7. Roller coaster repairmen
    Suggested by @BrianFaas
  8. Pregnancy tests
    I've seen them at the dollar store. No Bueno.
    Suggested by @jeanette
  9. Root canal and Pap smear
    I just had both last week 😑
    Suggested by @T
  10. tampons
    if it goes all up in you, splurge
    Suggested by @rebeccazemel