Kids can withstand a lot, but sometimes they break. What ways did you injured yourself as a kid?
  1. Broken Arm, age 3
    I vividly remember this. I was climbing on a tree with my brother and my dad's best friend'a niece. She intentionally pushed me off. She wasn't invited back.
  2. Head Injury, age 7
    Was on the swing set at school and someone thought it would be fun to push the adjacent swing side ways. It hit me in the head and the ensuing blood bath still haunts me.
  3. Concussion, age 8
    I was at a bowling alley getting chips from the vending machine. The girl in front of me got her dollar stuck in the machine. As they shut the vending machine door, the television on top fell off and hit me on the head. I got a concussion and sliced my knee on the glass. It was pretty chill.
  4. Stitches, age 9
    My brother just bought some jelly beans. When I tried to take some he drop kicked me through a glass door. He gave me the jelly beans on the way to the hospital.
  5. Black Eye, age 10
    Basically an innocent victim to someone else's play ground scuffle. Some kid threw a rock at another kid and I caught it with my face.
  6. Black Eye, age 8
    In second grade during coach pitch softball I got hit in the eye by a ball and got a shiner and I thought I was cool as fuck because I kept saying "shiner."
    Suggested by @laur
  7. Broken Toe, age 10(?)
    My family had a house in the Poconos and it was just me my dad and sister. My dad was throwing small beanie babies at us, kind of like tag but so he didn't have to get up. I ran to get away and my toe got caught in a heat vent and dislocated and broke. My sister, age 7, had to run about a half mile away because the house was off the main road and she needed to track down the ambulance.
    Suggested by @laur
  8. Broken hand, age 11.
    In a moon bounce. Someone knocked into me and I heard a crack.. My hand swelled three times (probably not) its size. It happened the day before April fools, so my mom didn't believe me when I called to tell her. Green cast. Still a fan of the moon bounce.
    Suggested by @babystevens
  9. 2nd degree burn, entire right foot (age 19)
    Working in food service at Niagara Falls as Concessions Supervisor. Spilled an entire gallon of boiling hot water on my foot, my sneaker and sock acted like a sponge as made the burn even worse. Entire right foot covered in 2nd degree burns and became one giant blister. But heyyyyyyyy 3 weeks of workers comp!
    Suggested by @TJ
  10. Cracked my skull. Age 5.
    I fell off a pool water slide. Slipped off the ladder at the top of the slide and fell backwards. Broke my head. My poor poor mother who watched it happen. She told me not to go on the slide by myself. I didn't listen. What a brat.
    Suggested by @KelseyKapow
  11. Concussion, age 16
    I was sledding with a few buddies at the local golf course during winter break in my sophomore year of high school. I decided to ride down the slope in a blow up tube. I was speeding down and the tube turned backwards. The next thing I remember was waking up in my friends living room with a horrible head ache. According to my friends, I hit a tree and my whole body wrapped around it. I was unconscious for about 5 minutes. Spent the night in the hospital and was extremely loopy for 3 months.
    Suggested by @girgentiam