Visiting my home city of Philadelphia makes me realize the ways Los Angeles comes a bit short. *It is important to note that I love Los Angeles and there are a plethora of things in which their game is at an appropriately or exceptionally high level of stepped up.
  1. Space
    Would it kill a city planner or commercial developer to place any two cool things near each other. I want to walk from my house to go shopping, to a concert, to a bar, to a museum, to a restaurant without getting in a god damn uber.
  2. Pizza
    It's cheese and sauce on top of bread but LA can't really seem to grasp the concept.
  3. Public Transit
    I know I know it's coming and it's going to be great, but I sure would like to read a book on my way to work sometime. As opposed to sittin on the ten listening to Kevin and goddamn Bean on the radio.
  4. Sandwiches
    Get your kale, artisanal cured ham, garlic wasabi aioli, and whole wheat ciabatta roles out of here.
  5. Breakfast Sandwhiches
    Seriously why can't I find a greasy two dollar bacon egg and cheese anywhere- and if you try to give me some soy bacon bull shit I will literally cut you.
  6. Architecture
    While there are a ton beautiful buildings and hidden gems in Los Angeles most of the city is a vast expanse of strip malls, two story apartment buildings, and parking garages.
  7. Buffalo Chicken
    You can find some sort of buffalo chicken dish almost anywhere in the north eastern United States, yet for some reason it's no where to be found in Los Angeles. Do they not know? Should we tell them?
  8. Attitude
    Everyone is so nice. I'm not knocking being nice, but sometimes there aren't enough fucks in the world to be given.
  9. Winter
    It barley gets cold.