I work for a digital content studio geared towards millennial moms. There's twelve women and myself.
  1. All the girls...and Dan!
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    I tend to stand out because I'm a guy. Thankfully I'd like to consider myself a competent person. So standing out reflects well on me!
  2. I ask the question "but is she a mom?" about fifty times a day.
  3. So much gossip.
    Like an absurd amount. To the point where the line between business meetings and gossip sessions are totally blurred.
  4. We also very openly discuss our feelings to resolve any drama.
    This can be stressful. Being asked if I want to go on a walk might mean I'm about to be told that someone "doesn't like my attitude," but on the other hand it can help resolve silly conflicts. I'm all about honesty, so better to put it all on the table than to internalize your conflict.
  5. I can't openly discuss my bowel movements but we talk about periods all day...
    Yeah I know it's gross, but guys do that. Deal with it.
  6. As a gay man I know more about vaginas than I care to admit.
    Never seen one, and it's safe to say I have zero interest.
  7. Things like this happen.
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  8. The thermostat is a constant source of contention in the office.
    Some of the girls bring blankets in, while the others are constantly asking "is anyone else really hot right now?"
  9. Getting to work with some bad ass female entrepreneurs.
    I work with some amazingly brilliant ladies. From the woman who started and sold her company before she turned 30, to the accomplished television exec, to some awesomely talented producers. I am truly blessed to be learning from all of them.
  10. At the end of the day "moms" is not my passion or even in my wheel house but it's okay.
    I'm young and have nothing but time ahead of me. I'm being afforded some amazing opportunities so I'm embracing it while I can. Maybe one day I'll be making content about dirt bikes, beards, and fine leather goods, but until then I'm chill with breast pumps, make up tutorials, and water births.