This is a vulnerable list. I love screen shots.
  1. Texts from mom
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  2. Texts from mom 2
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  3. Texts from mom 4
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    The next text says "Send to Drew Barrymore!"
  4. This really effected me emotionally.
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  5. This is something I wanted to remember.
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    Your dog is probably dead.
  6. This is the definition of click bait in my opinion.
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  7. This is something I will be attending on August 7th and truly everyone needs to clear their calendars.
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    I will be supporting Kanye.
  8. Something that happened on Grindr when I told a person in Boston they were handsome
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  9. When my favorite astrologist was possibly drunk.
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  10. Self explanatory, a great confidence booster.
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  11. Texting with a guy I liked, as you can see things were going very well!!!!!!!!
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  12. My sick friend invented a game where you hand your phone to the person to your left and they log into your Facebook. The table chooses a consonant and a vowel at random. The person to your left then types these letters into your Facebook search bar, and then gets to write anything they want on the wall of the third person who comes up in the search
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    So sorry, Celeste: a very nice girl I met at a reading.
  13. This is my cousin
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    But also is that true