As requested by the flattery that was the comments from @sally @joakes @daniel @dena and @hgaines, here is part II of "OH THE PLACES YOU'LL GO ON A MARATHON DATE IN DTLA" with help from my Nov 2014 journal, and one e-mail (in quotes)
  1. "Oh Lord."
  2. "All this shit has happened since then."
  3. "There was the night he came to the party at the girl's house, and drank far too much, but I stayed sober enough so that I wasn't crazy."
  4. "And I loved him simply as the guy who was with me at the party. I loved to be the guy at the party who brought the guy to the party. The blonde goofy one. The one with his arm around me on the back porch. The one taking shots of tequila with my best friend's little brother."
  5. But first:
  6. Momed
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    An adorable Middle Eastern/American fusion spot that's sprawling with a gorgeous outdoor patio, next to the train tracks. This is where we went before the party, because it's directly across the street from the house, the house all my best friends moved into when they all arrived in Los Angeles. I haven't missed that house till right this moment.
  7. We left our cars at the party, we went home.
  8. The thing about this relationship, if you could call if that, is that something was always off. He could be withholding in one moment and then staggeringly vulnerable in the next. Would draw me in and then push me away. I, with no irony of humor, truly questioned if he had Aspergers. I still think he very well might.
  9. Bon Vivant, Atwater Village
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    One of my absolute favorite places in Los Angeles. Where we went to brunch before picking up his car. Look at that ceiling. Look at those hanging lights. Look at that tree. We ate brunch and laughed and my best friend came and what was any of this? Was it real because I really, really liked him, I decided.
  10. Alias Books East
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    "We took turns reading children's books out loud to each other, he mumbles so badly, laughing and laughing in the kid's nook until the actual kids showed up and it got awkward." This is a great little used books store.
  11. Rite Aid
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    To buy materials for mimosas.
  12. Vista Hermosa Park
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    To drink the mimosas. If you live in LA, especially on the East side, and you haven't been to Vista Hermosa, you're missing out. It's magical and hidden and quiet and the view will kill you. "We laid with each other, cuddling in the perfect spot - the one by the bench with the whole city right the fuck there, watching couple after couple try to figure out how to frame their engagement photos so as to crop us out, the two gay guys rolling in the dirt with the cheap plastic cups of mimosa."
  13. Then he went back to Venice.
  14. The next time I went to see him was rough. From an e-mail to my best friend in New York dated 12/12/14:
  15. "Last night was very sad, sadly."
  16. "I hung out with the boy from Venice in Venice, it was the sixth date which is a lot of dates. He walks very fast, he put his credit card in the part of the machine that takes dollars, it was this whole drama, we bicker in fake ways that are flirtatious but also awful, and it all just kind of unraveled in itself."
  17. "There was good stuff like cuddling on the couch, drinking wine, I gave him a stupid fucking Christmas gift and he loved it, and it was raining and so windy and he put on jazz because oh I don't know I guess it was the best soundtrack to break my heart to."
  18. "He got so withholding. Even more withholding than before. I tried to figure out what that was. But it got ugly, he kind of yelled at me, I threatened to leave, it's too soon for this, I just laid on my back and cried, secretly and quietly, I couldn't help it, it feels so stupid but it had been building up in my heart."
  19. "I could barely sleep. I had nightmares. At one point I woke up in the middle of the night and the wind was blowing so hard that the walls and windows were literally rattling and shaking, tree branches were falling. He just slept."
  20. "I just kept thinking to myself, over and over again, 'my heart is a fist.'"
  21. The next night I decided to take him as my guest to the opening night of a play I had been working on. ...Interesting choice. He arrived looking very handsome.
  22. Barney's Beanery
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    I like the Barney's chain, even though it gets a bad rap. I think it's cozy and sweet and familiar. That being said I kind of can't stand Westwood, but the play was at Royce Hall so options were limited. We ate burgers, drank beers. Small talk. We didn't kiss goodnight. (This is the last time I saw him.)
  23. The next day, I flew home for a month. For Christmas, and then I stayed to shoot a short film and celebrate it becoming 2015 with my parents. I remember during this span of time he texted me once to ask if he should buy a pair of ugly ill-fitting pink shorts.
    I said he should not.
  24. When I came back to LA we talked on the phone a bit. But he was distant and I was tired of his shit. He monologued about how much he hated his life. I realized I had no place in that, or time for that. No. No thank you. Onwards.
  25. One day, he texted me in a snide tone asking if I wanted my Christmas gift. It was, unmistakably, a break up text.
  26. I called him.
  27. It went terribly.
  28. He revealed that he had been seeing someone at the same time he had been seeing me.
  29. Of course he had been.
  30. I played it all in my head, backwards and forwards. It made everything more clear. Then it made everything a mystery. Then it just made me fucking angry.
  31. I felt the hottest reddest anger in my stomach.
  32. I told him, and I quote, to
  33. - among other things -
  34. "Grow the fuck up."