1. Ummmm
  2. ...
  3. I would fucking hope so?
  4. And like babe in what reality would you even need to state that aloud to me?
  5. Like first of all it feels absolutely ludicrous to even hypothesize what my life would look like with a twin like how is that even productive to us right now as we are trying to start this family while meanwhile I have all this work work work work work work
  6. And if we are going down that road why are we entertaining the idea that you would somehow be put in a position to have to CHOOSE between us?????????????????
  7. Is that some sort of fantasy you have?????
  8. Are you sitting on a nasty twin fetish I was unaware of??????
  9. Like oh wow wouldn't that make you powerful
  10. Getting to choose between me and someone I shared the womb with
  11. No! Like listen I'm sorry - let me finish - I've always found some of the things you say to me problematic as a feminist
  12. Like I'm sorry babe but that just felt like a micro aggression
  13. Like I don't go around constantly reaffirming I would decide to fuck you instead of your other family members
  14. Lest your imaginary TWIN!!!
  15. I mean also let's say you DID choose my twin which, now that you bring it up like you just did, seems like an option of you -- like how painful would that be for me?? I mean if I had a twin you know I would already have a huge complex around that
  16. I don't know babe it's just like
  17. Think before you speak, you know?
  18. Ok
  19. Ok
  20. I know you were just being playful
  21. I know you love me
  22. Of course I remember how you wrote Marvin's Room exclusively about me
  23. Yes we've come so far since then
  24. I am working on my hypersensitivity
  25. Yes Drake!! Yes I am.
  26. I am!!
  27. You cannot say I haven't gotten better with that in the last year. I'm trying. I'm trying babe.
  28. I know you are too.
  29. I love you too.
  30. Let's just go to bed.