Really cleanin' out that drafts folder @john!! Here is some cray shit some teachers I've had have pulled:
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    Invited me to their house to smoke weed and discuss their violent divorce
    This was actually the head of my high school English department. Would have actually been down but she lived over an hour away in VT
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    Brought in/distributed actual cigars to only 5 favorite students in front of the entire classroom
    This was a mandatory college math class. I did not receive a cigar.
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    Tweaked my nipple while I was rehearsing a scene then asked me not to tell anyone about it
    This was quite literally sexual harassment
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    Screamed at a room of teens who refused to play truth or dare with him as a "trust exercise"
    Same teacher, the nipple tweaker
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    Slammed a rolling chair into a wall and then stormed out into the parking lot and sat in his pickup truck for nearly an hour while he was meant to be teaching
    I don't remember why but it was benign and may have had to do with a joke I made about Shakespeare
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    Tried to "hire" me to clean out his basement and only pay me in books
    Made this offer by calling me on my home phone. 🙅🏻NO
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    Thrown my Tamagotchi in the toilet
    My preschool teacher Mr. Kevin had no chill
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    Threatened to spray me and a pal with windex if we weren't quiet
    Mr. Kevin again
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    Joked about running me over
    This was actually a bus driver
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    Told me teaching me math was like trying to herd cats
    I'm sure this was true, inappropriate tell a 7th grader
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    Did not wear underwear with gaucho pants, invented a game where you had to become different stuff when he clapped his hands and then pretended to become my best friend's "mini skirt"
    No. Not allowed
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    Discussed his beliefs on how horrific male on male prison sex was to him
    We were in 6th grade
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    Allowed a student to come to school dressed as a member of the KKK for a historical reenactment project
    This was on the news
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    Cast himself as King Lear in a high school production of King Lear
    This was the head of our theater department