This is why I can't have nice things.
  1. White T-shirts
    Nbd. I'll buy a new pack. Not even worth the picture.
  2. This pillow case
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    Not worried about it. I have had acne my entire life and it's only a matter of time before my pillow cases are destroyed by some acid or other heavy duty topical chemical I am using at night. Moving on.
  3. XXL Tasmanian Devil Football T-shirt
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    The damage is minor and as you can see, the shirt is fairly destroyed as is. But this is a very nostalgic item, worn at such events as @originalamericantrt's Hipster Prom (see her list: PARTIES I HAVE THROWN IN MY LIFE, item #5) This is getting harder.
  4. The B-side of this shirt for your reference
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    Ugh, what a great shirt.
  5. The sleeve of this shirt
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    Ok it's just the sleeve and I bought this shirt for only $1.00 but I was excited to wear it and pretend I was a chill handsome teen in the 1970's who was just like strolling along the campus side walk enjoying the cool early autumn breeze. This red stain - not part of that fantasy.
  6. My save the whale tie-dye
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    Alright. No. Now I'm pissed. Damage is minor but I collect tie dyes and this one is special to me, purchased in San Diego with a pal. Argument: The shirt is already tie-dyed, relax brah, it's just a little more dye. NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I have a HUGE pet peeve about a random dye strain in a mono-dyed shirt!! It makes me fucking crazy!! This is getting personal.
  7. This catch and release shirt from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
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    No. No no no. This is bad. LOOK AT THE RANGE OF THAT DAMAGE. On my dad's 50th birthday (the literal best day of my life) my family went on a fishing charter. I CAUGHT A FISH EVEN THOUGH I AM A GAY PERSON. EVERYONE WAS V PROUD. BUT WAIT: The fish had a special tag!! I filled out a post card with the guidance of a boatsman. I GOT THIS SHIRT IN THE MAIL A MONTH LATER. IT IS RUINED NOW. I AM CRYING.
  8. The OTHER shirt from this fishing trip
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    Yes there was a second shirt from the fishing trip we took on my dad's 50th birthday (the literal best day of my life) Yes it was long sleeved. Yes it had a front pocket. Yes I wore it as often as humanly possible (notice the pit stains, separate issue entirely) YES IT IS ALSO RUINED. smh
  9. The B-side of this fucking dope shirt I ruined from this fishing trip
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    I can't even.
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