Had a rough junior year of high school, therapist referred me to a psychiatrist, enter Dr. Westerman.
  1. She told me I had to stop taking vitamins. All of them. Immediately.
    She believed the vitamins may have been the source of my anxiety and depression, because she didn't trust anything not approved by the FDA lol.
  2. She was very worried about my hearing and told me I needed to wear ear plugs at "rock concerts" or WHEN I USED A BLOW DRYER (?)
    Ok she didn't explicitly tell ME I had to wear ear plugs when I dried my hair but she implied it by telling me SHE used them when she blow dried her hair. Because the blow dryer was too loud. Ok I'm sorry bb but that is crazy!!!
  3. She referred explicitly to personal things I told her about a wet dream I had while she was leaving me a voicemail on my home landline.
    Very rude.
  4. When I graduated high school, after I had not seen her in over a year, she called to remind me that transitions are "terrifying" and she would be available to help me with prescriptions no matter where I went to college.
    Honestly no thank you.
  5. So many tacky brooches.