Inspired by all of the people that did this first. Also this exercise made me question if I have a drinking problem. All the same:
  1. Chelses
  2. Jane Favorite
  3. Brian gas station
  4. "Julian"
  5. GSN LIVE TREATS!!!!!@!!?!
  6. Kiss
  7. Wil Maxwell
    Who are you?
  8. Mo Random LOL
  9. DJ DJ DJ R
  10. Realators
    Which ones? Not helpful.
  11. Kat Social justice
    Very specific and probably my favorite. Who are you? Why? What?
  12. Michael Table
  13. The Irish
  14. Greg The Irish
    Entirely different number than The Irish
  15. This Guy
  16. TOM
  17. Shakespeare Truck
    Excuse me?
  18. Ashton WTF
  19. Erin ?
  20. Harry ?
  21. Michael ?
  22. This section: