is a great movie starring Drew Barrymore. My take:
  1. SP
    June 2007: Me, @originalamericantrt and some others were drunk, frolicking around town. One of the stoner boys had a big white van that he picked us up in. We drove around and around, blasting Chicago by Sufjan. Sorry mom.
  2. KZ
    July 2008: He was driving his car, looking at me, hand on my thigh, smiling, and he barreled through a 4 way stop, where lots of people have totaled cars and died doing just that except maybe not in such a romantic way. We made out in my car in a thunder storm in the town center parking lot.
  3. CA
    August 2008: He was very punk rock and drove a brand new yellow jeep. We all went everywhere in it, like to go jump off the old dam in Orange and to the Dinosaur tracks where we smoked blunts. He was straight, but one night in my hot tub we were all so very drunk, pairs of folks just started making out. He shrugged, and pulled me in for a kiss. He took my friend's virginity in my parent's bed that night.
  4. DP
    2005-2009: First love, devastatingly unrequited. Sang Amos Lee together as he drove us around slowly, carefully. I can still remember the smell of the car, and the texture of the seats, all the stupid sweaters.
  5. CL
    May 2009: Worked at camp together. Was straight but we made out once after taking body shots off of each other during a game of Truth or Dare. Drove a motorcycle. My mom would not let me ride on the motorcycle. I'm still devastated.
  6. TC
    July 2010: The most charming and handsome WASP/my best friend's lover. Played the entirety of the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes album as we drove from Rhode Island to Boston from dusk to dark on the 4th during a summer storm. The combination of lightning and fireworks as we flew down the freeway remains one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen.
  7. TN
    August 2011: My first boyfriend, driving around Los Angeles with Tennessee license plates and all of his crippling neuroses, the first of many cars he would total because he can't drive. In traffic, I peed in a Gatorade bottle. I drove the car to San Diego, and I asked him a hundred questions I hadn't asked him yet, and he relaxed, and this was the closest I ever felt to him, driving down the I-5 S in the dark.
  8. GS
    April 2013: One of the best dates of my life. I drove him home in my rental car from the diner we had spent hours in. Taylor Swift was on the radio, which was funny. We pulled up to what can only be described as a mansion. This is when I gave him the nickname The Great Gatsby of Los Feliz. He wouldn't stop kissing me, and I refused to go inside with him, because I liked him.
  9. AH
    December 2014: Never figured him out, how he lived in LA (Venice) without a car, why he couldn't make proper eye contact, etc. One weekend he rented a car and drove to Hollywood, where we went on a date. We rode down Sunset to meet my friends at a bar (I wanted them to meet him, I liked him so much, for some reason that now escapes me) he parked his car in a Jack in the Box parking lot. It got towed.
  10. C
    Sunday morning: I don't know his last name. We woke up and I offered to drive him to his apartment in Chinatown. He didn't know how to get there because he had moved to LA 48 hours before. I explained the 101 and 110 to him. We kissed goodbye.