There is a gay hook up application called Scruff. One time a man on this application with the moniker "role play" asked me what my fantasy was. Bored, I played a practical joke on myself and answered him. I told him "student/teacher." He set the scene in a detention and then this happened:
  1. His autocorrect turns "crotch" into "crutch." Being a good, well-trained improviser, I "yes and" him.
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  2. I am not interested in moving on from the crutch.
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  3. I add information.
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  4. I stand up for myself.
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  5. Also do not want to forget about the crutch.
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  6. He tries to move things along...
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    Award winning action line: "I put my hand on your leg often"
  7. I try my best to realistically play my given circumstances .
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  8. I give a shot at an action line.
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  9. We break character for a moment because of a misunderstanding and then I try to get us back on track.
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  10. We re-enter the scene.
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  11. He is beginning to lose his patience with my style of role play (have no idea why) and so once again I am forced to justify myself out of character.
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  12. An epilogue.
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