I go to karaoke so many Wednesday nights the proctor has come to hate me.
  1. We have had so many microagressions / his energy is toxic
  2. He might be depressed but unfortunately while I do empathize karaoke is a pedestrian sport of joy and I need him on that level
  3. He is a liar and chooses favorites
  4. I sing the same songs week after week: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, I Try by Macy Gray, Absolutely (This Is The Story Of A Girl) by whoever sings that
  5. Maybe he is sick of these songs and my repeated dedications/comments before and after them (e.g. Every time after I sing Fast Car I urge the audience to donate to their local shelter. I personally think this is the least I can do.)
  6. He can't spell which is hard given that he runs his karaoke without books. Again I empathize but it has led to conflict e.g:
  7. He once yelled at me because I gently told him he spelled Absolutely wrong hence why he could not find my song ("YOU TYPE IT IN")
  8. He doesn't have any songs post 9/11 so I can't sing any Amy [Winehouse] which is very hard for me
  9. We once shared very heated words when I asked him why I hadn't been up yet his friends had performed three songs
  10. We are both always drunk when we interact which is probably not helpful.
  11. Would literally go through couple's therapy with him because this relationship is super important to me