Wigprov is when you and some pals go to my friend Jim's house and everyone brings a bottle of wine (🚨) and then you get to choose 4 wigs each. You get a prompt - in this case, a town hall meeting re: the merging of two schools. You wait up stairs, accessorize, and take turns coming down to improvise monologues.
  1. So I got super drunk drinking wine while waiting upstairs and then I was just like hey what's up I'm:
  2. Penny
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    A biology teacher.
  3. The Transportation Lady
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    A lesbian.
  4. Erin O'Brien
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    An Irish exchange student.
  5. This Witch
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    Very unwell and spooky.
  6. Then I was so drunk I just came out in this construction hat.
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  7. Then dinner gets served and you eat and watch everyone's monologues.
  8. It was too long.
  9. Ok that's all lol just wanted you guys to see those have a great weekend.