1. My cousin posting a recipe for Bud Light Lime-A-Rita ice pops on her sister's wall who's a recovered alcoholic
  2. Someone asking if peeps prefer being more creative on graphed, dotted, blank, or lined paper because honestly why are you asking that I hate it
  3. Photos of my childhood best friend who is in the army/Afghanistan we haven't spoke in a decade and she dyed her hair VERY red
  4. A "Which TV Mom Are You?" quiz posted by my high school biology teacher who was a closeted lesbian
  5. A picture of that little Prada store that's just like in the middle of the desert you guys why the fuck is that out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. I guess according to a guy I once hooked up w they found warm blooded fish in the ocean which is what ppl have I guess??????? Idk but truly feeling so sick rn
  7. Everything anyone has to say at all about Mad Max what a sad scary little motion picture choosing to forget that world forever honestly
  8. Any and all of the posts from/by that mayor I once went on a date with and then Facebook chatted inappropriately when I was black out on a plane especially the post announcing his ENGAGEMENT
  9. A photo of a human being squeezing a rabbit