1. The way your smile just beams
    That's just the sweetest.
  2. The way we danced till three
    That was so fun, definitely not down with them taking that away from me.
  3. The way you've changed my life
    Awesome. Thank you for that, btw. Please don't take that.
  4. The way you sing off key
    Cute, but only sometimes. Gonna wanna keep that though.
  5. The way you wear your hat
    Huh? Ok I mean yeah I should keep that I guess. You have great hats.
  6. The way you sip your tea
    ??? Why. I'm kind of hoarding this. They can prob take that away from me.
  7. The way you hold your knife
    What???? No, you can take that away from me. I don't even get why I had that.
  8. The way you haunt my dreams
    Begging for you to take that away from me actually, thank you. Horrifying.