1. That time I would masturbate to the thought of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson having sex except I inexplicably would be clinging onto Nick Lachey's back?
  2. That time legit the only form of sexual activity with my gf that I was into was kissing her nipples a little and then cuddling
  3. That time I thought Desperate Housewives was porn but then it was just Desperate Housewives and I loved it so much
  4. That time I saw a dick accidentally fall out of a pair of shorts during a rehearsal for a Dario Fo play and I forgot 100% of my lines / had a full anxiety attack
  5. That time I directed a middle school production of The Laramie Project as a high school freshman
  6. That time I sent my CCD group leader dozens of messages on AIM bc I thought he was "cool" (he was gay)
  7. That time I wore a RENT t-shirt AND Wicked hoodie while listening to the Les Mis soundtrack in my backyard belting "On My Own" to myself then gently cried behind a shed as the sun set