I want a boyfriend
  1. When I saw a poster for Jurassic World
    All I want is to go to Jurassic World with a boyfriend and like laugh and hold hands and get scared that would be so cute/fun
  2. When I re-watched that video where Marina Abramović gets pranked during "The Artist Is Present" and her ex-lover shows up to see her after 25 years
    This is self explanatory I am interested in being pranked in this way
  3. When I watched the trailer for Suffragette and I was weeping
    I literally have no idea why this made me want a boyfriend but idk it just did
  4. When I got drinks with an old friend and she was like do you have a boyfriend
    The answer was no
  5. When I saw a very bad play
    I was like huh what do people w boyfriends do after they see bad plays? Drink wine and kiss a lot. Must be nice.
  6. Now
    Does anyone want to be my boyfriend