I'm so flattered @originalamericantrt suggested this. In the spirit of self-love, at the risk of seeming egotistical, here's some times I was real cute.
  1. When I was a hippie child and was wearing these items with my brother.
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    That is a Spice Girls button.
  2. This time I was still wearing tie dye as an adult but with less rings and no bowl cut and was tryna keep it chill.
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  3. When I fulfilled my life long dream of meeting Drew Barrymore.
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    Planning to make a Drew list soon.
  4. The time I sent this to the guy I have a crush on right now.
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    It didn't go very well but I think it was real cute.
  5. When I was a literal Santa baby.
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  6. When I was under water yesterday.
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    Ruined my phone, but it was worth it!!
  7. Just wanna put this here one more time.
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  8. Facetiming with children
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  9. Me on the floor with @originalamericantrt, who is the cutest of all time.
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