I'm so flattered @originalamericantreat suggested this. In the spirit of self-love, at the risk of seeming egotistical, here's some times I was real cute.
  1. When I was a hippie child and was wearing these items with my brother.
    That is a Spice Girls button.
  2. This time I was still wearing tie dye as an adult but with less rings and no bowl cut and was tryna keep it chill.
  3. When I fulfilled my life long dream of meeting Drew Barrymore.
    Planning to make a Drew list soon.
  4. The time I sent this to the guy I have a crush on right now.
    It didn't go very well but I think it was real cute.
  5. When I was a literal Santa baby.
  6. When I was under water yesterday.
    Ruined my phone, but it was worth it!!
  7. Just wanna put this here one more time.
  8. Facetiming with children
  9. Me on the floor with @originalamericantreat, who is the cutest of all time.