Feel free to add. Especially math teachers. I forgot truly everything those guys said instantly.
  1. "It is intelligent to ask questions."
    Gary Huggett, 10th grade history teacher.
  2. "Every no is closer to a yes."
    Lisa Rowe-Beddoe, high school acting teacher. The best advice I have ever received on auditioning/rejection.
  3. "Preparation frees creativity."
    Julie Hennrikus, college Arts Management teacher.
  4. "Don't get it right, get it written."
    Lewis Geoff, 12th grade English teacher. This has pulled me out of many a writer's block.
  5. "Sing it wrong and strong."
    Mitch Chakour, music teacher of many years.
  6. "Start a revolution and stop hating your bodies."
    Erin Feldman, 10th grade English. To be fair this was a bumper sticker on her Klean Kanteen but I love it and all teens should be mailed that bumper sticker on their 13th birthday.
  7. 'They either can't understand what you're saying because they can't hear you or because they can't understand what you're saying.'
    Keith Langsdale. Yelled during a rehearsal for Taming of the Shrew. Also my senior quote/ something I now yell at my own rehearsals.
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  8. "Do The Do!"
    Dina Janis, college theater teacher. Yelled everyday.
    Suggested by @arandallm