1. I wanna be in love and have a daughter who is at school and it's her birthday so I hand paint her a card and drink coffee and play Fleet Foxes in the car on the way to pick her up
  2. I wanna be wrapped in every blanket in America just kinda like crying but in a happy way
  3. I wanna be in bed with 4 of my best pals just laughing about shit then napping then we just light candles and throw our phones away and go dance outside then lay naked in front of a fire
  4. I wanna be in a cabin writing my memoir with a sleepy golden retriever and I look so cute in flannel and the golden retriever can talk and he's like wow you look so cute lol how's the memoir coming I'm like oh I don't know and he's like wanna read it to me and I do and then he's so moved he's crying
  5. I wanna be like oh no guess that baseball game you had to play that I never wanted to go to is rained out so we'll just have to stay in and make sweet love because we are husbands then we can make a very large soup
  6. I wanna be like nah it's cool my career can chill out like who cares maybe I'll even smoke a bowl of pot which I stopped doing cause like whatever I'll just lay on a rug and think about stuff and maybe read magazines
  7. I wanna be like hey anyone avail to come play acoustic guitar while I stare out the window thinking about folks that broke my heart but then cause you're so cute you stop playing guitar we take off our sweaters and make out
  8. I just wanna lay in bed with @Caroline
    To be fair, this is all I ever want to do, regardless of weather.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  9. I'm just like Yo. Lemme just go outside with a white tee shirt on, embrace the wetness, and become one with nature.💦💦💦💦
    Suggested by @Samuel
  10. I want my Starbucks to be served in the holiday red cup.
    Suggested by @MissBicks
  11. I wanna stay in bed and listen to Joni Mitchell and contemplate life's mysteries.
    Suggested by @bagelfever