1. Very lucid and easy on the mind, even at high doses.
    With many psychedelics, it seems the experience is integrated afterwards and some aspects are lost. Mescaline is very clear headed and easy to remember; this clarity is generally present regardless of dose. LSD isn't too bad in terms of memory loss, but it still seems to be something you remember in bits and pieces. If at any time you need your cognitive function you can just snap out of it and be able to gain your composure and do what you have to do and then just dive back into your trip.
  2. A better empathogen than MDMA.
    Empathy is not forced but rationalized. You can think of a million reasons to love someone/thing, it's quite natural.
  3. Visuals on mescaline are very subtle and aren't nearly as in your face.
    Fractals and colors produced by LSD just don't happen with mescaline unless the dose is really high and even then they aren't too intense. Distances are often skewed and color contrast becomes much clearer.
  4. You can purchase mescaline containing cactus online or grow in your backyard, which is perfectly legal to do.
    Mescaline is kind of special because getting a hold of good cactus can be a bit of a challenge and extracting it is kind of a chore. However, full-spectrum cactus extract is a FAR better experience than pure Mescaline. There are several (around 50 in Peyote I believe) other alkaloids, some of which are psychoactive in their own right and some of which seem to be active only when combined with Mescaline.
  5. Alexander Shulgin, whom you can thank for creating almost every psychedelic drug you have heard of, was first inspired to explore psychedelic compounds by a mescaline experience.
    Mescaline is part of the so-called "magical half-dozen", which refers to Shulgin's self-rated most important phenethylamine compounds. Mescaline is the only natural compound; all others he synthesized himself.