@heydetective is my friend but sometimes I'm not so sure.
  1. sauce
    Chad's sauce is an ancient recipe and he won't share who or what it's made up. He even bought a pup to guard his sauce. If I wasn't skeptical before I am now.
  2. Hats
    Chad and I (and another friend of ours actually) all bought the same hat. It's a nice hat, fits all our heads very well, but he won't wear the hat when I wear my hat. There will be very hat appropriate times (baseball games) where it is 100% okay to wear the hat but he won't wear his. I wear mine and am baffled. The weird thing is that he'll wear the hat at very inappropriate times.
  3. Marathon training
    Chad is a big bragger, but the weird thing is that he's always bragging about all the records he is breaking. He told me today he broke some record in the mile. And he says he's gonna run a marathon and beat me but I never see him training! I'm not saying he's not training, but I don't see him is all. Innocent until proven guilty I guess...
  4. Music
    Chad signed me up for a "song of the day" newsletter that his "friend" was running. I think it's just him but he's too bashful to say so. Anyways, I got a song two days ago (From the artist PUP. Quite nice!) but nothing since! First he told me the interns were fired, then he said they were having huge server issues. I told him to get an A3 but he paid me no mind. It seemed like an okay newsletter but I don't think it'll succeed at this rate.