Really the main reason I want to achieve anything in life is to be interviewed by TG.
  1. The voice.
    Aunt Terry. The one you always wished you had.
  2. The way she welcomes her guests by their full name.
    "Genghis Khan, welcome back to Fresh Air."
  3. Her love of old Broadway musicals.
    Nerdish to the point of winsome.
  4. Always asks the very question that is in my head.
    eg to the Wachowskis, re. JUPITER ASCENDING: "Just: why?" Okay she didn't ask that but I'm pretty sure we're all asking it.
  5. Always asks a question I never would have thought to ask.
    I can't remember an example right now but it happens all the damn time.
  6. That laugh.
    The signature TG-chortle (aka "The Terry Snort") can improve even the worst of days.
  7. Those little mid-word stumbles.
    She's just so fucking into it she gets ahead of herself. Damn, girl.
  8. The preponderance of LGBT people and issues she covers.
    We love you right back, Terry.
  9. The Mark Maron interview.
    Marry me, Terry. Along with Mark Maron. And then interview me about the dramedy I write about our deeply strange and glorious poly triad. Okay this comment just got really fucking weird.