I created this list when I was 15 and aim to finish it at 25!!! Rule = you can add but you can't take out.
  1. Rice a roller coaster drunk at night
  2. Safari in Africa
  3. Climb an active volcano
  4. Volcano boarding
  5. Skiing on sand and snow
  6. Swim with dolphins in the wild
  7. Spend Christmas on the beach drinking chili Martinis
  8. Go to a different country and come back the same day
  9. Go to a different continent and come back the same day
  10. Join a protest
  11. Try all 7 Japanese cuisines
  12. Hug a sumo wrestler
  13. Eat at a pitch black restaurant
  14. Zipline
  15. Swim in a heated pool whilst it snows
  16. Pet a lion - tiger - cheetah
  17. Watch the sunrise at the beach
  18. Go on the coolest kayak adventure
  19. Touch a turtle in the wild
  20. Get my advanced scuba diving license
  21. Stand under s waterfall
  22. Eat at an underwater restaurant
  23. Swallow the whole thing of wasabi
  24. Egg and TP someone's house