I created this list when I was 15 and aim to finish it at 25!!! Rule = you can add but you can't take out.
  1. Sky dive
  2. Bungee jumping
  3. Shipwreck diving
  4. Take a ride on a Russian MIG fighter jet
  5. Actually swallow the oyster
  6. Watch a scary movie successfully
  7. Swim in a shark cage without closing my eyes
  8. Island hoping in the Caribbean
  9. Dive the titanic in a submarine
  10. White water river rafting
  11. Dive into a pool of chocolate / shower in chocolate
  12. Drive a formula one ferrari in the tracks in Milan
  13. Go to a mattress store and take a nap
  14. Strip poker
  15. Steel a street sign
  16. Actually shower with shampoo under a waterfall
  17. Drive a Ferrari California (dream car)
  18. Try Noma
  19. Have a lemonade stand except sell pancakes
  20. Watch a movie in a drive in
  21. Enter a pro ping-pong tournament
  22. Dip into a thermal hot springs in Iceland
  23. Experience weightlessness (no gravity)
  24. Drive along Route 66 on a Harley
  25. Have a trip planned for me and do everything on it with no questions asked
  26. Paraglide over Neuschwanstsin Castle in Germany (Cinderella one)