Disclaimer*** This should be read through the lens of 2005-2009 TGI Fridays. But hey, we can depend on chains to make it all feel familiar anyways!
  1. All that crazy shit on the walls and ceilings are there for a reason 📸 From a real Tiffany's lamp to empty bottles of Champagne to a full-size Scull. The staff is trained to know what and why these artifacts are bolted, superglued, spit-taken on.
  2. The Cobb Salad 🍽 I really dig Cobb salads, my love for them gets meta. I don't know what I liked more about my experience serving this thing (aside from serving myself one); the fact that the TGIF Cobb is larger than the size of a 9 pound newborn child or that the oldest men would come in for lunch and have a Rusty Nail with their goddamn Cobb.
  3. "OMG, that's, like, the place where they have the flair stuff, right?" 🚦 Yes, it is. In retrospect, earning a pin as an employee working up the ranks was competitive and rewarding. Especially earning the bartender pin (🍸), real classy and real proud. It's a hard pin to earn, hyperbole aside. It kills me to admit I've misplaced nearly all of mine.
  4. The Screaming Orgasm, L.A. Water, Lava Flow, Blue Lagoon, Hairy Navel, Sex On The Beach, Pinnacle, Cement Mixer, Tennessee Iced Tea, and, of course, the Mat shot.