Annoying Things That Happen in Every Episode of House Hunters

I have a very complicated relationship with this show.
  1. The couple wants to be five minutes from work, 17 feet from the beach, and four seconds from the city all for five easy payments of $19.99
  2. Super duper enforced gender roles
    See below two points
  3. Some douchebag wants a "man cave"
    Can we eliminate that phrase from existence, please?
  4. "This closet won't be big enough for all my shoes!" *awkward laugh*
  5. The couple can really imagine themselves "entertaining" in this space
  6. They just HAVE to rip up those carpets
  7. One person would like a "project" to renovate, and the other does NOT have time for that shit
  8. The really intense scene over drinks where they pick the house
    And they're always the only ones in the entire restaurant. Causal.
  9. The really awkward get together scene at the end when the couple finally gets to "entertain."
    You know the one.