1. Professional dog walker
    It might not be lucrative, but do you realize how many dogs I'd get to hang out with every day????
  2. Chocolate taste tester
    I have to assume this is an integral part of the process of making chocolate. If not, I'll just go to any food related focus group possible.
  3. Blogger
    I should take my blog more seriously. I'm annoying and love to read my own thoughts. Plus, what's better than rambling and complaining while potentially making money?
  4. Food critic
    I'm very picky and also a vegetarian so I can't imagine I'd make a lot of money from this, but I love free food.
  5. Video game tester
    I'd love to play Pokemon more hours a day than I already do.
  6. Street Namer
    I assume this is some sort of government position, but imagine if street names were 1000000x cooler. Puppy Steet. Glitter Avenue. Princess Place. I can go on.
  7. Klienfeld's Bridal Salesperson
    I'd be awful at selling anything, but I would love to be on Say Yes to the Dress.