Reasons I Really, Really Miss Japan

I went on the trip of a lifetime in March, and now I'm looking through the photos while being really nostalgic
  1. Because American architecture doesn't look like this
  2. Cherry Blossoms!!!!
  3. You can go to Nara and literally just chill with domesticated deer. I'M NOT JOKING
  4. You get to eat food like this all the time!!!!!
    This was at a Hello Kitty Cafe and it was a beautiful experience
  5. Things are really this kawaii (at least in the Harajuku district)
    And if you look as touristy as I did, they pull you onstage to dance at Harajuku Monsrer Cafe
    And this was only one floor of this particular arcade
  7. You can hang out with cute lil monkeys
  8. You see things like this all the time
    Japan is amazing