Spent some time digging into childhood mementos and discovered what a hobby-oriented kid I was!
  1. Jacks
  2. Kongi
    Korean Jacks
  3. Chamesh Avanim
    Israeli Jacks. These are actually really the same as Kongi, just a 5-piece set with no ball to bounce (like in American Jacks). For irrational middle-schooler reasons, we needed to have both kinds and switch off between the two. (Also, please try to stop judging me for my middle school obsession with Jacks.)
  4. Checkers
    The kind with big pieces that's played on a large, blanket/rug-like board.
  5. 3D and hologram stickers
  6. Power beads
    What did I do with these? I know it was something important.
  7. Scrabble
    Had to be on a gigantic, inflatable board. I only liked board games where the boards were unconventional. Sorry I'm not sorry.
  8. Chinese jump rope
  9. Milky pens