It's like they haven't seen the show before.
  1. Leaving off items from the mystery basket
  2. Adding a weird garnish at the last minute
  3. Overchurning ice cream
  4. Not realizing they cut themselves and contaminating their food with their own blood
  5. Giving a gross ingredient too much prominence
  6. Trying to cook a huge slab of meat without cutting it into small enough pieces.
    And then pretending that "this is how I like to eat venison-- completely raw."
  7. Adding too much hot sauce
  8. Not adding enough salt
  9. Making a bread pudding for dessert
  10. Saying "I got this" right before the commercial break
  11. Not just making a smoothie every single round.
    Suggested by @benoren00
  12. Getting the portion size wrong
    Cool it with the seven course meal you made in the app round!
    Suggested by @omgitsemilyward
  13. Spastic last minute plating.
    Suggested by @Marcella