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  1. All foods
  2. Except ribs
I'm not always right but I'm never not wrong
  1. 15 dogs who just don't get it
  2. This couple did a pregnant Anne Hathaway themed photo shoot and the results are amazing!
  3. How to get over the fact that you will never date Matthew Mcconaughey IRL
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Some daily inspiration for ya.
  1. Smilie knowingly at a stranger on the street today
  2. Life is a journey so fuckin live a little and do that shot of tequila the weird dude at the bar bought u
  3. Tell your friends you took the stairs today
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Since embarking on my journey here at Ryerson, I have learned that only Geography electives are truly worth my time. Here's why.
  1. 1.
    Geography electives are basically about nothing
    Usually a white male, the geography professor has spent his whole life studying continental land formations, or whatever. Because no one gives a flying fuck about rocks, your average geography professor probably has a random specialization, resulting in elective courses with titles such as, "The Geography of Danger", or "Food, Place Identity - the Geography of the Human Diet". These classes are weird and vague, and there is never a correlated textbook.
  2. 2.
    Geography professors are the quirkiest human beings alive
    As explained above, geography professors have an excess of knowledge about a topic that most people don't care about at all. In result they usually do not get enough opportunities in their daily life to talk about their field of study, so when placed in front of a room full of semi-attentive students, all cares are thrown to the wind. Soon your prof will be sharing such strange personal details about their life that you will find yourself taking notes on why they named their dog Hennry Hudson.
  3. 3.
    People love to hear all the stupid geographic facts you remember
    Geography lectures tend to include a jumble of the professors personal travel stories with random test questions sprinkled in. Thus, to gain any knowledge from the class a student must act as a strainer, filtering out practical info from the puddle like human, rambling on at the front of the room. Although slightly inconvenient, this results in an extremely entertaining lecture, and a surplus of very rememberable funny little facts for you to share at parties!
  4. 4.
    It is so fun to make maps
    Maps! I love maps!
Home is truly where the heart is.
  1. A makeshift wall
    Big shout out to our dear landlord Fernando, who considers himself "rather handy with power tools"!
  2. A Men of Hawaii calendar
    We ❤️ you Nick. Here's to a February that lasts forever.
  3. A lamp with a red bulb that is used to display a cowboy hat
    This piece draws inspiration from both the Wild West & Halloween. It's the perfect lighting accessory for any space.
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Ahhhh a classic yet refreshing list topic!
  1. Obituary meaning
    Proceeded to write an obituary for a lost friend named Captain Chilli-Dog (msg for details)
  2. Survivor 2016
    Shh I don't need ur judgement
  3. How long does it take for Ferraro Roche to go bad?
    This question remains unanswered !!!
  4. What attracts rare cats neko atsume
    Knowledge is the key to success. Be not afraid to ask the Internet people for help.
The ultimate game of "I'm too lazy to buy groceries"
  1. 1.
    Day old Subway breakfast sandwich
  2. 2.
    Oatmeal for dinner
  3. 3.
    Frozen pea and chicken tenders sandwich
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