Quirks I Possess, Some Of Which I Am Proud. Feel Free To Guess Which Ones...

  1. I am a master of the four basic arithmetic functions in my head. For real.
  2. I can pee anywhere. Outdoors, indoors, ladies room, men's room, next to a car, a tree... You name it. This is what comes from a lifetime of festival attendance.
  3. I can carry on an involved, intelligent conversation while doing extensive multiplication in my head the whole time. In fact, I will.
  4. I can change my clothes in any environment. I have no shame left.
  5. If you take me ten feet from where I am, have me close my eyes and spin me around three times, I could not find my way back to my starting point.
  6. I can tell you all the covers that the Muppets have done, and tell you which Muppets cover is better than the original. You'd think this is a matter of opinion. It is not. At least, not to me.
  7. I know more about the Andy Griffith Show than any human should.
  8. I wanted to be an entomologist, until I realized that no one was going to pay me for sitting around and thinking that insects were cool. It was a heartbreaking realization.