Reflections Gleaned From Banjo Camp

  1. Banjo Camp attendees, by and large, are more likely to have vanity plates than non-Banjo Camp attendees.
  2. There is something strange going on with the squirrels of Olivet, Michigan.
  3. Drugs are no longer necessary for me. Staying up all night, falling asleep at 7am and waking up at 8am to sell merchandise to banjo students results in a psychedelic experience. I saw tracers.
  4. Give a dude a banjo and his chances of getting in my pants increase exponentially.
  5. That said, there are exceptions to that rule.
  6. It ain't all plingy and jangly.
  7. Banjos are capable, when put in the right hands, of making me cry. They can produce some of the most plaintive, lovely sounds on Earth.
  8. There is a place for plingy and jangly.
  9. The beard trend shows no sign of slowing.
  10. After looking up plaintive, it turns out that I HAVE been using it correctly all these years. Whew.