The first Judy Blume book I read was 'Introducing Sally J Freedman as Herself' and from there I read every word Judy Blume laid on the page. She introduced me to so many many things that were probably inappropriate for my age at the time of reading. I can now blame my pre-mature sexuality on my advanced reading ability!
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    This is where I learned that guys named their dicks…and Michael’s was named Ralph. This is where I learned that the word ‘Came’ – doesn’t mean that you just arrived somewhere (well actually...) This is where I convinced myself that ‘Small of the Back’ was a dirty word. I had never heard this term before. Michael touched the small of Katherine’s back….it sounded sexual.
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    Then Again, Maybe I Won't
    This is where I learned that a Wet Dream didn’t mean some dude peeing his bed. This is where I learned that I should shut my curtains because all guys were peeping tom perverts.
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    This is where I learned that a tampon can be used for other things besides your period, as in - it will hide the fact that you are totally turned on. (I’m still blushing) This is where I learned that some quickie on the floor of an unfinished bathroom was somehow steamy and not completely filthy in a bad way. This is where I learned that a 13 year old probably shouldn’t be reading Wifey.
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    This is where I learned through character comparison and a heavy dose of self-reflection that I was actually being a complete asshole in middle school. I’m sorry Jeannie B…
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    This is where I learned that everyone has a special place that makes them feel good when they touch it. And it's good to touch there...wait...not there....there....there...there....there....