Here I am

I am here
  1. Today I finished Shrill by Lindy West
    A life changing book.
  2. In order to advocate for yourself, you must acknowledge what you are.
    An imprecise quote; I listened to the audiobook and didn't have the foresight to write quotes down.
  3. I pretend not to want to be a writer, because I have all these fears about that being a frivolous and abstract want.
  4. This ensures I will never be a writer.
    Readers are a vital part of the formula.
  5. So here I am, doing the thing, so I can advocate for myself.
    Baby steps.
  6. This is a more welcoming place than Twitter and a less embarrassing one than Tumblr.
    Sorry Tumblr.
  7. So, if you followed me today, thanks, and please hold me accountable
    The way you would an exercise partner, I guess
  8. This list will be followed by a lot of dumb shit that is less serious than this
    Alright, cool, see you around!