Burgers are wildly important to me. I'm picky and I love it. I order pretty much the same thing everywhere I go, so here are the establishments that have made the cut in my books! If you're from the area, THESE PLACES ARE WORTH A VISIT :) Gig 'Em.
  1. Grub
    Grub is making its way across America, but it's Aggie owned and operated! They have interesting and diverse options for those looking for a more "classy" burger, I guess. I feel like they try to overcompensate with all of their crazy burgers (Absinthe sautéed mushrooms ????), but they're still good enough to be on this list. All stripped of fluff, their burgers are decent. Their shakes are phenomenal, though. That's where they get ya :-)
  2. The Dixie Chicken
    An Aggie Classic, this burger is simple and does the job. I could probably eat 2 or 3 in one sitting since they're pretty plain and they're that good. If you don't mind a hazy, cigarette-smellin', pool ball-clackin' atmosphere, this is your place!
  3. Koppe Bridge - Wellborn
    The burgers are huge, tasty, and have a ton of character! The bacon cheddar Koppe Bridge burger was actually memorable. The first month I discovered it, I went like 5 times in a month. Still, what sealed the deal for me were the fries.. I could eat them all day. This isn't the original Koppe Bridge (it's on the other side of hwy 6), but I haven't been there yet. Will update when I do :-)
  4. The Grill at the Pavilion
    Right in the heart of A&M's campus, this place is actually a hidden gem. Unlike Chick-Fil-A or Panda Express, this place is original to the school and the burgers don't disappoint. The King Kong literally changed my life: Buttery bun, LTO, cheddar, bacon, an egg, AND fries? Are you KIDDING ME? And all of this under 7 dollars. Like.. way under. God bless.