Just like non-Christian music, the good stuff is usually really amazing and kind of under the radar. I sincerely think there are dozens of scarily underrated musicians who are incredibly gifted and use their gifts well. Their message and sound is worth celebrating. If you're skeptical, I challenge you to listen to some of these!!
  1. Andrea Marie - Running Out -
    For those who like: Adele/Lykke Li/Ingrid Michaelson. She's married to famous worship artist Will Reagan, but makes amazing music herself. She dabbles with electronica, and her breathy vocals are magical, while her lyrics speak right into your soul. She is phenomenal!
  2. Josh Garrels - Born Again -
    For those who like: ?? Coldplay (for the versatility factor)/RAC Mix/Kings of Leon/Ray Lamontagne???? Good music ?? He kind of just makes sick tunes. Sincerely talented. I'm in love with him.
  3. Penny & Sparrow - Just and Just As -
    For those who like: Bon Iver/Hozier/The Lumineers. Their music makes you feel like you're in the world's most romantic love story. Which you are.. you are deeply loved. Austin natives, this duo puts their souls into their music, and you can tell!!
  4. Beautiful Eulogy - Symbols and Signs -
    For those who like: Chance the Rapper/Kid Cudi. These guys are completely UNAPOLOGETIC. Their theology-based lyrics haunt and encourage believers and nonbelievers alike. I've always been weird about Christian rap.. too cheesy for me. However, this stuff is good. I seriously JAM.
  5. And so many more
    "Wow! Christians can make good music too!" Yep. And what I really love about these artists is that they don't hide their doubts and fears and pain. They acknowledge that through it all, there is a consistency in the love and character of Jesus. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :) love y'all! If you want more recommendations, let me know!