My family is fond of road trips. It's important that I stay positive.
  1. The snacks
    It's basically a free-for-all every time we stop at a gas station to refuel or for a potty break. There is no judgement when you grab a bag of hot Cheetos and a Starbucks mocha drink for breakfast. Calories and normal eating habits don't exist on road trips, right?
  2. The music
    I'm lucky to have parents who appreciate the power of the aux cord and also love oldies. We jam to Earth, Wind, and Fire for HOURS. Can I get a "heck yeah"?
  3. The scenery
    I absolutely love Texas. You can say anything you want about the desolate southern deserts, but today I saw a roadrunner run into some brush near Uvalde and it blew my mind, and saw the most amazing sunset outside of San Antonio on our way back to Houston.
  4. The convos
    Things get pretty deep. I appreciate that being in such a close space forces us to really talk about something substantial.
  5. The memories
    Whether we're making them or reminiscing about them, it's safe to say that memories are a big part of our family's road-tripping.